We’ve had a bumper crop of rose hips this year. Or to put it another way, after being oblivious to their existence for ten years, we’ve suddenly got a harvest.

I don't think we're alone in having a bumper crop this year

I put out a tweet (via @creva) asking if anyone had any ideas of what to do with them and there have been several useful responses. Here are a couple:

@YasmineHamid suggested “rosehip syrup makes a great hot drink. rosehip and apple jelly is nice.” Yasmine has some impressive foraging pictures on her blog (Muddytracks) so I feel she speaks with authority!

Yasmine and @baz_carter (another blogger – Baz’s backpacking blog) both recommend Richard Mabey’s Food for Free. I’ve ordered one this afternoon.

One other vital piece of information. Apparently the hairy seeds inside the hips make great itching powder. Haven’t tested this out yet.