The Pack-Away Bucket in situ

There’s a certain inevitability that you will discover the perfect use for a product just after a review has gone to press.

This month it’s an unexpectedly practical use for a Wacky Practicals’ Pack-Away Bucket, featured in a Gear Guide on collapsible kit in March’s issue of Camping & Caravanning.

It was one of those please-get-me-a-container-quickly-or-you’ll-be-mopping-the-floor-for-hours moments. A standard bucket would have been too tall and a breakfast bowl’s capacity was too small (yes – I tried). Fortunately, a half-extended Pack-Away Bucket was perfect for catching the water as we removed the kitchen tap.

How did I ever manage without one?

Other uses for this bucket are available. Please see March’s issue of Camping & Caravanning…

First published on The Camping and Caravanning Club blog on 11 February 2015